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Custom Model Request & Model Restoration Repairs
Here at Den`s Model Ships, we accept Mode l Ship Commissions to build any model ship, or diorama in any scale. We specialize in Model Restoration, & we build handcrafted museum quality ship models, and dioramas.We can build from your photographs, or plans, (blue prints),our master craftsmen Den Holmes will meticulously build, or restore your model ship exactly to your specifications. Contact us by phone #717-521-2688 or Email densmodelships1@gmail.com
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Ship Models
Hello Den, The two packages have arrived in good condition. Santa Maria arrived on 20 Oct, and the cross section on 22 Oct. Thank you for all your services given to us. I really like the cross section, and very sure our attendees also will be blessed. Thanks for your kind attention and professional service. I'm very satisfied dealing with you. God bless you and your ministry! Regards from Indonesia, Erich Unarto

Our Loyd Murphy Ship Model
Dear Den, OUR SHIP MODEL IS HERE!!! All in one piece, and absolutely perfect! We got it unpacked with no problem, and will give it to dad tomorrow. My daughter will take pictures and I will send you some. I cannot thank you enough. Thanks again! ---Cindy

Model Restoration
Hello Den, the models look great. Thank You. I am amazed of your work. Truly a great skill that you have in your restoration knowlege. You have my permission to use as many pics and referrals as you like on your website. This would be a testimonial to all that visit your website on the artistic work that your visitors could view for the skills and talent that you put into your work. feel free to use my name , pics or whatever you need on your website. It has been a pleasure at this end. The models I am very pleased with and I thank you again. We will be communicating soon . I have enjoyed this project very much and appreciate your professionalism. regards Dave Erisman

My Restored Harvey Ship Model
Hi Den, Thank you for restoring my harvey ship model, it looks better then it did the day that I received it from my dad. Thank you very much, it was nice meeting you. Best Regards, Paul
Posted by Paul F Kane

Thanks Den for the Ship Case
Hi Den, It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife and brother, you did a great job on a difficult project and I was delighted with it. Thanks again for all your hard work. Best Regards, Dan
Posted by Dan O`Niell

The Ark & Dove Ship Models
DEN, David arrived about 10:30 today with both models safe and sound. They are so beautiful! I've taken everything off my sideboard so as to give them plenty of room. Now my 2nd son, Don will make plexiglass cases for them. They go beautifully with King Charles II's first yacht Mary. How can I ever thank you? Butsy

Restoration on my Pitcairn model
Den. That is gorgeous. You've exceeded my expectations!! When can you bring it in and let me know what I owe you. I'll write a check out tonight. Let me know how to make it out. Thank you so much. Marty
Posted by Martin

Our restored pirate ship model
Hi Den, It looks wonderful, thanks for the pictures and for restoring our model! I'm so excited to see it tomorrow in person. :) We are heading out early again, likely around 8:30 am - so should be at your place between 10 and 11 in the morning. Thank you very much!! Kyle
Posted by Kyle

Restoration on my 1865 Fishing Yawl
Den: The model arrived on Friday. You did a great job my friend! I am very pleased with it. I will recommend you to anyone who may need a model restored. You also did a great job of packing it! Best regards, Al Mancini
Posted by Al Mancini

Repair 36" SS Normandie Model
I have a model of the SS Normandie that was coming apart where the superstructure and the hull were glued together. Den did a fantastic job of restoring the model and for a reasonable price. Thank you so much!

Excellent Model Ship Restoration
Den has an amazing talent! He restored a model ship that my grandfather made by hand about 70 years ago. The ship was in pretty bad condition. He reworked all of the lines and repaired pieces that were broken. The ship is now beautiful! It is all cleaned up and repaired looking just the way it should. It is now proudly displayed in our home. I would recommend his work to anyone.
Posted by Ann Tanner

Beautiful Restoration
Den did a wonderful job restoring a nearly 100 year old model of the Flying Cloud which belonged to my uncle and has been in storage for close to 60 years. His craftmanship in unequalled. The detail work he did to restore this ship was amazing. It is truly artistry. The ship is once again proudly displayed in our home and we have Den to thank for that. I would highly recommend him - you won't be sorry. Thanks again Den!
Posted by Jim Gallen

Maryland Dove & Ark Ship Models
HI, Den! THANKS FOR THE MESSAGE -- AND THE PHOTOS WERE OUTSTANDING (LIKE EVERYTHING YOU DO) I certainly miss not having met you in person. Don made it back to Baltimore and delivered your models to Calvert School and Gilman School right on time. The Maryland history teachers and others were delighted to receive them and busy already making fiberglass cases for them. This was a very gratifying exercise in purposeful donations to these outstanding schools. Couldn't have done it without your skills. Thanks again and please accept the forthcoming check as a bonus from a grateful client. Sincerely, C.S. Lovelace

Ship Restoration / Custom Case
Hi Den, The ship landed safely! We put it in our newly renovated lower level. If fits perfectly and It looks fabulous! Thanks again to you and to Jim for a spectacular job! Best, Caroline

My antique ship model
Den We returned from our 7 week stay in Montana a few days ago and retrieved the crate from my niece's garage. You did a wonderful job - I love the light house, sails,and dinghy (never noticed it before). I'll send a picture when it's finally in place. Thanks again. Linda

The man is a wizard...simply put!
I brought my fairly old model ship to Den in pretty neglected condition. Within weeks, Den restored it to its former glory, and then some! Beautiful, meticulous, thoughtful work by a man who truly understands how to work his magic in his craft. Moreover, Den is a stand up, super friendly guy who explained to me in detail every step he would take to work his amazing magic. I traveled 190 miles back and forth twice for this, and would do it again in a heartbeat- well worth it! I would recommend, without hesitation, having Den handle your ship and maritime model builds and restorations.

Ship arrived in great condition
Scott delivered my USS Constellation ship model around 10:30 am today. It was worth the wait and it is much better here than pics indicated I am very satisfied. I hope you and your family has a great Thanksgiving,let me know if you build any model ships that you think I might be interested In. Steve

Restoration of my grandfather's model.
In 1935 my grandfather crafted a model of the Flying Cloud. It's sat in his house for about 35 years and in my mother's house for another 35. It's been in my house for a couple of years. My wife suggested we take it to Den to have it restored and he did a magnificent job in all aspects. He also built a plexiglass case that exceeded our expectations. In fact his work exceeded all of our expectations. It was a pleasure meeting him and watching him work his magic.

My Repaired King Mississippi model
Den, We just made it back to Columbus safe and sound. I can't thank you enough, I really appreciate your time and detail with this. If I ever have any other business like this you'll definitely be my first or if you ever need a recommendation feel free to reach out. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sailboat repaired
Hi Den, I received my model ship today and it arrived in perfect shape. It looks beautiful!! You cannot tell at all that the bunnies had nibbled. Thank you so much!
Posted by Penny Dodge

Completed Restoration
I had Den do a restoration on a ship my grandfather had built about 75 years ago. It was basically a basket case. Well, I just picked it up yesterday. The results were astounding! I couldn't be more pleased! I would recommend Den and his services to anyone!

My model arrived.
Hi Den, We are just closing up our practice and I had to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting Jason and the ship got here in perfect condition. Den, there are no words for how beautiful the ship really is. You have a very special talent and one you should really be proud of. Thanks to the crate you sent it in my husband has gotten the idea to build a shadow box for it so our son can enjoy your work as more a furniture piece than just displaying it on a shelf. It is just too beautiful to let the dust get to it and the temptation of anyone wanting to touch it being too much to resist. Thank you so very much for making this such a pleasure. It sat in our front office until closing and became quite the conversation piece. It was certainly a spectacle in the UPS store as it started t's journey to you, the conversation quite different, however! Stay well and thank you again. I will send pictures as Bill gets the shadow box underway and as our surprise is given to our son! Sincerely, Elizabeth
Posted by Elizabeth

Has arrived safe and sound.
Hi Den: Just to let you know that the shadow box arrived last week safe and sound. I was worried that something might have shaken loose but everything was intact when I pulled it out of the box. The overall model looks very nice now. It’s amazing what expertly applied paint, cleaning and the work of unscrambling the bad rigging will do. I also think the colour of the sails is a lot nicer than before and more what would have been the original intent. Of course the rigging really makes the piece stand out. Without that the ship would never look right. It’s funny, but my wife who was no real fan of the boat (but put up with it as it was my heirloom) even commented on on how good it looks now and urged me to get it up on the wall right away. Like day and night!! Thanks again for your good help, Den. It was a pleasure working with you and I feel that my investment has yielded a product better than I could have imagined so I see this as very good value. I can now look at this piece everyday and enjoy it, not be irritated by how broken and wrong it looks. All the best and thanks again. It’s so difficult to find craftspeople as strong as you these days. Grant

Den is an artist! He blew us away with the work that he did in restoring our 100 year old Santa Maria. We were absolutely amazed by the work. We couldn't be happier with his professionalism, attention to detail, and the pride that he takes it doing the job at the highest level. Thanks so much Den!

Restored model
Den, Bill here, just want to say every time I look at the ship I marvel at your beautiful work bringing this old broken down ship to this proud vibrant work of art! Thank you again for your expertise I am overwhelmed. Thanks again Bill

My dads ship model
Thank you Den for your beautiful work on the model. I think my father would be very pleased. It is sitting high on a bookcase in my family room where I can enjoy it often. I hope you enjoy the goodies—from one chocoholic to another. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. It was a pleasure meeting them and so generous of them to make the delivery. Thank you again.

model restoration
Den, My ship came in! It looks absolutely perfect. You are a true craftsman! I'm certain that generations of family will enjoy it. The grandkids already have their eye on it. Thanks so much! Michael
Posted by Michael

Omg Den! I can’t believe your workmanship! It’s a showpiece. Looks better than it did in my grandfathers candy store in East Harlem, New York. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for restoring a family heirloom.

The Random
Hello Den So nice to finally meet you and see and get the wonderfull work you did with the Random. You totally exceeded our expectations. Getting her loaded in the van went pretty well, was good that you had attached the pine board rather than a square piece of plywood. I was able to easily attach screw eyes to each corner and us cargo straps to the hold downs in the van floor. Padded with a couple of blankets and held down by 2 bags of tools. We came back on I- 81 and 84, much smoother ride and less traffic. Got home with the beginning of rain, so have not unpacked yet. Will send pics of her tied down in the van. About 2 weeks to finish the case and will send those pics then. Again, THANK YOU! David and Jill
Posted by David

Den, the ship is absolutely gorgeous and beyond my expectations!!! I am so delighted with the expert craftsmanship you used to restore its beauty. Thank you so very much. Both Cathy and Danielle are precious and were so kind. God bless you all! Gratefully, Genny
Posted by Genny

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